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Bespoke Events

The opportunity to create your own event with friends, your team or work colleagues around a theme or activites of your choice.

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Breathwork Club *with experience ONLY*

This event is ONLY suitable for people who have attended at least one 3 hour holotrophic breathwork journey with me in the past. This is a shorter session, based on a theme, where we go straight into the breathing so you need to remember how to do it and what to expect. If you have any doubt, please book a longer 3hour breathwork journey.

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Deep Discovery: 6 month of retreats starts August 2024

Develop and deepen your connection to your spirital self alongside 8 like-minded women in a beautiful setting every month, for 6 months.

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Come to a wellbeing event

Taking time off the hamster wheel to take care of yourself isn't a luxury, is a hugely important part of leading a healthy and fulfilling life. You don't need to have done anything like this before to get the benefit of the tools and experiences we provide in our events.

There are 4 main types of event which we hold here:

3 hour wellbeing events
These are one-off events on a specific theme, held throughout the year on evenings and weekends. Perfect if you're looking for an affordable and easy to access experience around work and life commitments.

Deep Discovery Group
This is a series of 3 hour wellbeing events which are held every month for 6 months for the same 8 group of women. Designed to give you all the benefits of self care on a regular basis.

There are 2 different ways you can experience a firewalk with us, one has a focus on joy and self-empowerment and the other we call a "spiritual firewalk" which has it's basis in ceremony and rituals.

Weekend Retreats
Retreats are held over 2 days in Spring/Summer and give you an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in nature. Held on site, we provide accommodation and food alongside an incredible weekend of relaxation and self-empowerment. You will find yourself completely re-charged!

Consider this experience an investment in your future self. Each event is designed to give you incredible memories to cherish and tools to carry through life giving you value far beyond the time you spend with us.

Your true self is greater than anyone has ever allowed you to believe (even you).

Why book a Life & Light Event?

Coming to one of our events has the potential to change your life in both small and big ways. A weekend residential may be just what you need for a full re-charge, while our shorter wellbeing events are designed to help you easily fit some “me time” into a busy life and a tight budget.

to help you create more mental space, feel calmer and re-charged in your daily life.

Our intention is that each event will bring you:
• more mental space and a calmer brain
• clarity on how you want to move forward in life
• awareness of any mental or emotional blocks which are holding you back
• tools for deeper self-reflection and understanding
• exercises to help you overcome fear and limiting beliefs
• a renewed sense of self belief and energy!
• a sense of belonging and bonding with a group of like-minded people
• memories and experiences (and often friendships) for you to treasure forever

Research shows that people who spend money on experiences are happier and more fulfilled than those who choose to invest their money in buying things. We do everything we can to make each event an incredibly special experience that will grow in value over time. It's an opportunity to stop time for a few hours and step into a temporary alternative world to find peace, uncover inner wisdom and undiscovered strengths.

This event is hosted by experienced leader and Chiropractor Naomi Mills

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