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Create your own event with friends

Cost: £60 per person for 6-10 people

Why create my own event?

The best thing in life we create is our memories and when you have a breakthrough moment, it's something you want to share with friends! Creating your own retreat experience can be a wonderful way to spend time and create memories with people you love or celebrate a special occasion.

During sharing circles it always becomes clear that as human beings we have shared experiences and emotions. We are held back by similar negative beliefs and we all want more peace, connection and happiness.

With this in mind, having your own event created around a specific theme can be a wonderful form of self-care and self-development in both personal and professional teams.

Our events are designed to help you:

  • Become even more deeply connected to your inner world
  • Gain a better sense of where you are in your body and mind
  • Find peace in stillness to find more clarity
  • Increase your sense of self trust and self-belief
  • Discover hidden strengths and resilience
  • Learn to draw from your own strength and talents
  • Create a wonderful and lasting memory together

Whether you are a group of friends, work colleagues or school mums, we are here to create an experience which will uplift and inspire each and every one of you!

"Your life is the sum of your experiences." Bill Perkins

What can I do on a bespoke event?

Each event is created around a certain theme, inspired by the needs and desires of the group taking part. Naomi is an experienced Chiropractor, coach and fire walking instructor which gives her many tools to work from.

Read about Naomi

For these events Naomi draws from an extensive range of tools and exercises. There are more than 50 different elements we can use to create the perfect event for your purpose and each is chosen with the theme and group in mind. Some examples include:

  • meditation
  • story telling
  • breathwork
  • glass walking
  • arrow breaking
  • trust falls
  • walking in nature
  • journaling and reflection
  • board breaking
  • cold exposure
  • firewalking

Previous themes have included:

  • Building connection with eachother
  • Developing self-empowerment
  • Areas of self-development such as overcoming fear and reaching goals
  • Celebrating women's power and connection
  • Honouring a particular season or celebration
  • Manifesting and making goals happen
  • Playfulness and the inner child
  • Working with our conscious awareness
  • Intention setting

A note on booking

Having an event with us is super simple because everything is in-house. We have a beautiful bespoke cabin over looking the Pentland hills, free parking and an acre of land to play on!

To keep things simple and affordable, each event is created around this basic agreement:

  • Everybody at the event is over 18 years of age and has a signed waiver
  • There is a minimum of 6 people per event and a maximum of 12 (8-10 is ideal)
  • Each event is usually 3 hours long
  • The cost per person is £60 **there is a surcharge for firewalks to cover material costs
  • The cost covers all materials and experiences (except firewalks)

We can be flexible with day and timings, simply get in touch to discuss your options.

Email Naomi with your enquiry now

Book your event

To discuss your event, simply email Naomi directly here detailing what you are looking for, how the people are related, the numbers involved and any specific dates or experiences you are interested in.

From there we will work with you to create your event! Please be aware that payment is required in full upon booking the event and unfortunately refunds cannot be given should any one of your party cancel.

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