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Family Care

Chiropractic for your family

Just as changes in one area of your body creates change in others, your feelings of health and wellbeing impact the rest of your family. How your family feels, acts and whether they are meeting their goals at work, school or in sport will affect you in return. The quality of life you experience as a family unit is greater when each individual member has great health.
At Light and Life Chiropractic, we understand that your best health comes from having a nervous system which is working in ease. Because adults and children of any age experience things which are stressful to their mind and body, it is important for everyone in the family to reduce the stress on their nervous system so they can be healthy.

Thanks to her qualifications and experience, Naomi knows how to spot the subtle signs that the nervous systems of the people you love may be under strain. We begin by looking at lifestyle factors, hobbies, balance, co-ordination, posture and musculoskeletal development to see how we can help. We then create an individualised plan for your family alongside simple lifestyle advice and support.

For many of us, life has become so busy that even health-conscious, active families can lose track of their health. Working with a family Chiropractor can help the whole family form new habits which supports health, rather than challenging it. Chiropractic care, which translates as “to heal with hands” offers a beautiful, simple and natural mechanism to support the health of all the family, so you can enjoy a better quality of life.

Naomi has experienced the benefits of caring for whole families both in her practice and in her own life. She is particularly passionate about teaching young people how to listen to, and interpret the signals their body is giving them, so they learn the value of putting their health first in later life.

Choosing to work alongside a Chiropractor could be one of the best investments you make in your family’s long term health.

Chiropractor Naomi shows a young boy an adjusting tool on his mum's hand

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