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Chiropractic for your baby, toddler and growing child

There is no better example of the amazing cleverness of the body than when a fertilised egg develops into a perfectly formed tiny human! Chiropractic care, which translates as “to heal with hands” offers a beautiful, simple and natural mechanism to allow your child’s body to work at its best.

As a family Chiropractor, Naomi has more than a decade of experience caring for babies and young children, helping to restore ease to their nervous system with gentle body work. Your child’s central nervous system becomes fully developed around age 3 but they continue to adapt and grow very quickly, so a Chiropractic assessment is valuable at any age.

We start with an individual assessment based on your child’s life history and age to make sure they are meeting their developmental milestones. We also look at a broad range of health-related factors such as diet, sleep patterns, mood, toilet training, balance, co-ordination, posture and musculoskeletal development to get a full picture of your child’s health before creating an individualised plan for your child alongside lifestyle advice.

Chiropractic adjustments in babies and young children are extremely gentle as would be appropriate for somebody so small and precious. Many babies sleep through their adjustment, while parents cannot believe how still and relaxed their toddler is on the bench! Children themselves can feel the benefits of Chiropractic care and older children often ask to get adjusted regularly.

The number of children with symptoms of ADHD, autism spectrum disorder and Retained Reflex Syndrome coming to the practice has grown in recent years, and Naomi typically checks and adjusts 6-10 children a week with some form of formal diagnosis.

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Chiropractor Naomi shows a young girl how to use an adjusting tool on her teddy

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