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Chiropractic care for pregnancy

Our experienced pregnancy Chiropractor Naomi Mills has been supporting pregnant women since 2011. She has also done the “ultimate market research” by getting checked and adjusted through her own pregnancy, where she was able to keep comfortable and in her active job before having a wonderful, calm home birth with her daughter Beatrix.

It is a privilege to care for women at this most special time as they transition into motherhood. Naomi works by analysing the language of your body through a range of physical and neurological tests, particularly assessing the spine and surrounding areas which are constantly adapting throughout pregnancy. She then recommends a series of adjustments tailored to each trimester.

Your central nervous system controls everything that is happening in your body. During pregnancy, information is constantly being transmitted from your baby, through your spine, up into your brain and back again. Chiropractic care, which translates as “to heal with hands” offers a beautiful, simple and natural mechanism to support your body with gentle adjustments to your spine.

Pregnancy can be a challenging time for some women as they are surrounded by negative stories of pregnancy and birth. Naomi is extremely passionate about helping women feel connected with the growing life inside of them and able to trust their body during this important time.

Choosing a Chiropractor to support you throughout pregnancy could be one of the best investments you make in your pre-natal health and is a proactive way to care for yourself during this special phase of your life.

Naomi delivering chiropractic treatment to a pregnant lady.

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