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Meet Naomi

Naomi Mills

Family Chiropractor, Author, Firewalking Instructor

Hi there, welcome to Life and Light Chiropractic!

I have worked in some form of healthcare for the last 20 years, half in traditional medicine and half in natural healthcare. I have always loved working with people but found our traditional model of healthcare didn’t quite fit me, because it focuses almost exclusively on when things go wrong with your body.

Instead, I prefer to focus on how our bodies are naturally clever and designed to heal themselves given the right environment. In 2011, I graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic began experiencing first-hand how having a healthy nervous system can change people’s lives.

So many ups and downs happen to all of us (car accidents, sports injuries, divorce, poor sleep, stress from work or raising a family) and with rhythmic, gentle chiropractic adjustments, your body has so much more capacity to handle it all. I cherish the privilege of working with pregnant women, infants and children and went on to gain my post graduate Masters in Paediatric Musculoskeletal Health in 2013.

For 6 years I owned and ran the largest family Chiropractic office in the East Midlands, before moving back up to my native Scotland to help setup the Scotland College of Chiropractic due to open in Edinburgh.

Naomi Mills, her husband and daughter, walking in the forest.

My husband Richard, daughter Beatrix, 5 chickens and pug Jelly made the move with me (then we got a lockdown puppy called Frank to join us too)! Here we are lucky to be surrounded by nature and beautiful views where we can indulge our passion for walking, camping and playing card games on the cold winter nights.

In the summer of 2021 I started to think about how I could help more people become aware of the benefits of taking some time to tune into their body and find some inner calm and ease. Especially working mums like me! That's when Life & Light Retreats was born, creating several different 3 hour retreats throughout the year is a great source of creativity and inspiration for me. I am now also a fully qualified and insured Firewalker Instructor which, along with other self empowerment exercises, allows me to help people explore the limits of their human potential even further!

The firewalks and retreats fit perfectly with Chiropractic because they are all about showing people how incredibly resilient and powerful their body really is. If you can walk on fire then it's easier to believe that you can heal! Both sides of the business have grown wonderfully since first opening our doors in 2021 and we now hold around 30 events a year.

Receiving regular Chiropractic care myself and creating a regular routine for self-reflection has created huge momentum for positive change in my life and I can’t wait to explore how it can do the same for you and your family.

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