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Privacy Policy

Our privacy principles

We will look after any information you provide us.
We want everyone who comes to us for treatment to feel confident about how we will look after any personal information you share with us and how it will be used.

You can be confident that:

  • We only use your personal information in the ways we need to and is expected of us.
  • We will keep you up to date with clinic services, including how we are attempting to improve our services and raising awareness if you have given consent for us to do so.
  • We will make it easy for you to tell us how you want us to communicate with you, including providing you with an option to opt out of all further future communications.
  • We will never release your information to organisations out side Life & Light Chiropractic for their marketing purposes.
  • We take all reasonable care to safeguard your personal information through security policies and secure business processes.
  • We will always provide easy ways for you to contact our Data Protection officer, who will always be happy to help with any enquiries you may have.
  • You may request a copy of your data at any time. Please make such a request in writing or by email to the Data Protection Officer. Please provide the following information when contacting him: your name, address, telephone number, email address and details of the information you require.

Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection officer is Richard Mills, and he will be happy to help with any queries you may have. You can contact him through the clinic phone line 01968 678991, or via email at hello@lifeandlightchiropractic.co.uk.

Medical Records

It may benefit you to know that Data Protection law is overridden by laws surrounding the storage of medical records. This means that under law we will usually hold your notes for at least 8 years from your last visit to us. It would also not be possible under this law for you to request that we delete all data we hold about you as this law prohibits us from doing so. If you require any more information about this please contact our Data Protection Officer.


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