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What is Chiropractic?

Ask someone what a Chiropractor does, and they will nearly always say something about back pain or cracking backs. But this isn’t the whole story because you don’t need to have back pain or have it cracked to benefit from seeing the Chiropractor!

Your hard, bony yet flexible spine is a great example of natural cleverness. It is the armour designed to protect the most valuable part of your body – your spinal cord. Your spinal cord is a vast network of nerves which carries every piece of information from your body and the outside world, up into your brain and then takes the responsive messages from your brain back down into your body.

Your central nervous system is like a master computer system controlling everything that happens inside you. Your spine contains a constant feedback loop of information between your body and brain which happens without you needing to think about it.

If you think of your spinal cord as the trunk of a tree, large thick branches of spinal nerves exit the trunk in pairs down your spinal cord. These then branch off to reach every part of your body. Your spine protects the core trunk of wiring that makes your internal computer system, but it also provides the door into influencing the system.
By working on the spine using gentle, specific impulses that we call ‘adjustments’, the signals can be changed as they pass to and from the brain.

This is why Chiropractors focus on your spine!

We look to restore the natural cleverness in your body that knows how to overcome the challenges of everyday life and heal.

We work with clients of EVERY AGE and if you would like to understand more about specific groups of people, take a look at:
Chiropractic for Individuals
Chiropractic for Pregnancy
Chiropractic for children and babies
Chiropractic for Families
Children and Neuro-Diversity

You deserve this

Discover a new approach to health, your mind and body will thank you

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