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Our Values

Light and Life Chiropractic is based on 4 basic values that define ‘us’ and we try to apply them in everything we do.

We believe things like this, maybe you do too?


The desire to be friendly towards ourselves and each other

A little snowman.


There is a natural cleverness in the human body and the world around us

Pine trees viewed from above.


The body is a whole and interconnected system where each part has an effect on the other

Fish swimming in formation.


Working in a natural and sustainable way

A fern front.


We try to protect the environment as much as we can in the studio. We use nature-based hand wash and cleaning products, save paper where we can or use re-cycled options and even our face towels are compostable!


We want to give back to our community by donating a percentage of our profits to local causes. Right now, we are supporting the local food back and homeless shelter.

You deserve this

Discover a new approach to health, your mind and body will thank you

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