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Step into your power on Global Firewalking Day!

Cost: £60

What to expect at this event

Saying "yes" to a Firewalk isn't something you do every day, however this event is an incredibly powerful way to help you:

• Move towards the life and goals you desire in life
• Experience a tremendous sense of achievement and self-belief
• Become aware of the power of the mind/body connection and what it can help you achieve
• Let go of stories or beliefs that no longer serve you
• Find new ways to create and maintain your own sense of inner peace and wellbeing

This event begins with an interactive workshop designed to help focus and prepare you for the firewalk. In it, you will learn how to release unhelpful beliefs, find focus and access your inner joy.

You will be fully prepared to take part in all of these activities should you wish. Everything is an invitation, not an expectation and simply being in the room will give you powerful insights.

This event is hosted by experienced leader and Chiropractor Naomi Mills

Read about Naomi

"If you're afraid to move out of your comfort zone, you won't do anything except what you're doing now" Tolly Burkan, global firewalking master

The Firewalking Experience

This event is open to up to 20 attendees over the age of 18. It begins with us watching the lighting of the fire, before taking part in a one hour seminar designed to prepare you to walk the fire with safety and ease.

The seminar ends with us heading out to the firewalk, which is approximately 6ft (or 8 steps) long. You will be fully prepared to walk the fire at this point should you choose to do so. When possible, we also offer attendees the opportunity to walk more than once, which many do!

Firewalk FAQs

This is an investment in your future self

What would it be like to have more self belief on a daily basis?

How would that impact your life experience and those that you love?

What would it feel like to move towards your goals with confidence and ease?

What you learn about yourself during this event will impact you for the rest of your life. Many people get so much from their first firewalk with us that they come back to explore more.

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Book your space now

This is an in-person event held in my beautiful retreat cabin at the Life & Light premises, just outside Penicuik. Book your place online using the link below and I will be in touch a few days before the event with everything you need to know.

When you are making a booking for a firewalk, you are committing to come to the event, not to walk on fire. This decision can only ever be made in the moment and you will be fully prepared to walk the fire before making this decision.

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