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Come for the spine alignment, stay for the soul aligment

Life and Light Chiropractic is a Chiropractic and Retreat space in the heart of Midlothian. Run by Chiropractor, author and retreat leader Naomi Mills, our mission is to shift your nervous system into a healing state so that you can thrive in your life and health.

We do this in 2 main ways:

Chiropractic care
Working from body to brain: we work on your spine because it is the direct link to your brain which controls every part of your body through your central nervous system. We use gentle Chiropractic adjustments to strip your body of tension slowly, strategically and systematically, to restore its natural way of working.

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Chiropractic is suitable for almost everyone, and sometimes people are looking for help for specific times of life such as babies, pregnancy and children. Naomi has more than a decade of working with all of these groups and also regular assesses and supports children and adults with neurodiversity.

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Working from brain to body: we offer a variety of in-person events from our beautiful space overlooking the Pentland hills. Naomi has had the honour of being trained under some of the best mentors in the world including Peggy Dylan and Tolly Burkan who trained Tony Robbins and some of the other most notable names in personal development.

From one-off wellbeing events, to regular groups, breathwork sessions, weekend retreats and firewalks there is an opportunity for you to explore your inner self and learn tools to support your health and wellbeing.

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This full person approach makes you much more resilient to the stresses that you face in everyday life and helps you feel more calm, in control and filled with energy!

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"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in one drop" Rumi

Meet Naomi

Our Chiropractor Naomi Mills owned and ran the largest family Chiropractic centre in the East Midlands before moving up to Edinburgh in July 2020 to enjoy a new pace of life with her family, surrounded by nature.

In 2012 Naomi lost her mum suddenly to stomach cancer, despite her having very few symptoms and appearing healthy on the outside when she was very sick on the inside. Because of this, Naomi is passionate about helping her clients see how every part of their health and life are connected and loves seeing how their life transforms as a result.

Her own life experience has taken her on a huge journey from feeling unhealthy, stressed and overwhelmed to finding a sense of inner calm and self-trust. This came from understanding how our bodies are created and respond to stress and learning ways of helping to ease it. She created Life & Light to help other people begin their own journey to regaining their health and hopefully, their sense of self too.

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Our values

Chiropractic at Life & Light

We often say that Chiropractic is very misunderstood, because healing from pain is only part of our story! Most people come to Chiropractors because they want to give their body a chance to heal or it's own. Chiropractic works by assessing how well your body and brain are talking to each other which is usually not well, which is why people are struggling in some way.

By restoring the connection between body and brain, and by helping your body move out of stress and into healing, we can help your body to shift into healing. This happens even for people who have had their problem for a long time, or have been told by other people there's nothing that can be done.

We look to restore the natural cleverness in your body that knows how to overcome the challenges of everyday life and heal. When you are living with a body, mind and nervous system that is working at it's best your quality of life will increase and often so does your self-esteem and wellbeing because you know all those positive changes have come from within you!

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Events at Life & Light

Everything we do here at Life & Light focuses on the mind-body connection. When the mind feels anxious or stressed, it creates physical changes in the body to prepare it for fighting or running away. This stressed state in the body, then causes the mind to look for reasons to fight or run away and so we can get stuck in this negative state where we don't feel safe, calm or heal.

The events we hold are designed to give you tools and opportunities to help ease your brain and find peace. In this way, you can reinforce a healthy, healing state in your body and mind in everyday life.

There are 4 main types of event we hold at Life & Light:

  • Affordable and easy to attend 3 hour wellbeing events on evenings and weekends
  • Longer term self-care with our monthly Deep Discovery group which runs over 6 months
  • One-off firewalk events
  • Weekend residential retreats

Every event is unique, and you don't need to have done anything like this before.
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Welcome to our studio

Come and relax in our custom-built studio overlooking the Pentland Hills National Park between Penicuik and Peebles. Every part of your experience has been intentionally created to help you feel welcome, safe and relaxed to support your natural healing process.

At Life and Light Chiropractic, we care for individuals and families who want to enjoy life without compromise. You may have a problem that you want to heal from naturally or simply want to enjoy the many benefits of having your spine checked regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle.

We start by taking a birds-eye view of your life before analysing the language of your body through a range of physical and neurological tests. Finally, we explain everything to you in an easy and understandable way so you can decide if this process is right for you. All new clients get a copy of Chiropractor Naomi Mill's book "You are the Answer: why it's time to trust your body."

You deserve this

Discover a new approach to health, your mind and body will thank you

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