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online talk

"It's all connected" Online Talk

You are invited to join Chiropractor Dr Naomi Mills for a free 30min online talk at 8pm on Tuesday 23rd November

In this talk Naomi will share:

  • her personal story of realising that by only focussing on pain, she was missing the bigger picture of health
  • how every part of your body is connected through your spine
  • how physical, chemical and mental stress is affecting your ability to recover and heal, sleep, digest and even thing properly
  • the difference between getting by and having the health and life you want
  • which lifestyle changes have the biggest impact in your capacity to deal with the life you have now, without feeling unwell, tired or overwhelmed

Along with lots of great information, you will recieve a special offer and gift for attending the talk

The link will be sent to you 2 days prior to the event and again 1 hour before. Please feel free to share with friends, family and colleagues who would find this information.

The talk won't be recorded, so if understanding more about your body and health is important to you, please block out your diary to you can be there.

We will only use these details to contact you in relation to this event, if you want to receive our quarterly newsletter of thoughtful information, please check the box below.

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