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A 1 day festival of playfulness, embodiment and somatic release

Cost: £127

What is Joyfest?

Our festival of joy (or "Joyfest" as we are nicknaming it) has been created from the most popular and powerful elements of the many retreats we have held here at Life & Light Chiropractic. With input from 4 incredible women, this day is designed to help you to access joy and bliss on a whole new level.

Each element of this event is created for somatic release. "Somatic" means "relating to the body, distinct from the mind". Every part of this day is designed to help you get in deeper contact with your body: it's movements, feelings and breath. This is a very powerful way to get some space from the busyness of the mind and simply enjoy being.

The key Elements of JoyFest are:
• Music, sharing and meditation
• Clowning and embodiment work
• A somatic silent disco
• Earthing by being barefoot in nature
• Outdoor holotrophic breathwork session with live DJ
• Great company with a small group of like-minded people
• Delicious snacks and refreshments

Every event we hold is much more than just a workshop or just an amazing experience; for attendees it is an empowerment that plays out in every aspect of their careers and every moment of their lives. This one day event is going to be a beautiful and uplifting experience with an energy so strong, that you will be able to tap back into it after the event is over and remember just how incredibly happy and free you can be!

This event is for you if you:

• Want to feel good on the inside, regardless of what's happening outside
• Struggle sometimes to completely switch off and focus on you
• Experience a busy brain and want tools to help it calm down
• Would like to learn how to meditate more deeply
• Are looking for new ways to create and maintain you own inner peace
• Want to become more connected with feelings of joy, freedom and bliss!

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Meet your Joyfest Team

This event is an invitation to get curious with us and come and play without judgement in a safe and held space. Each element has been carefully designed to help ease you into the experience, beginning with lots of fun and laughter... through music, movement (and a stop for delicious nibbles) to culminate in an incredible outdoor holotrophic breathwork journey with live DJ.

This event is hosted by experienced leader and Chiropractor Naomi Mills

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Joining Naomi to lend their incredible expertise are:

  • Somatic silent disco diva Ailsa Lockhead from "move to feel"
  • Professional clown and improv actor Lucy Sherwood
  • Intuitive DJ Laura Taylor aka "DJ Mistao"

Each one of these women works intuitively, and will create your experience in response to what's happening in the group on the day. They are extremely experienced in their fields and we are so lucky to have them all in one space!

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“Follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be.”

What does the day look like?

This event is all about going with the flow, here's approximately what that looks like...

8.45am Arrival
9am Welcome activities
9.30am Exploring joy and play with Lucy
10.45am Break for snacks and refreshments
11.15am Somatic silent disco
time for reflection and journalling
12.45pm set up for breathwork
2.15pm time for integration, processing and sharing
3pm Float on home

Tickets cost just £127 which we believe offers incredible value for the potentially life-changing experience you will have. We know you will leave with your heart lifted and your face hurting from all that smiling!

Places are limited to just 15 tickets to allow for an intimate and connected experience

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