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Breathwork Club (for experienced ONLY) Theme: *Breathing into healing*

Cost: £45

This is an invitation to healing... to quiet the mind and turn on the light in your own heart

Welcome to breathwork club!

These sessions are open to anyone who has been to one of my "beginner" extended breathwork sessions, or done breathwork with me during a weekend retreat.

Facilitating Holotrophic breathwork has given me many incredible experiences of people healing, transforming and exploring their inner world and I want to give you the opportunity to explore this amazing tool further.

Every breathwork journey is unique. Each one will help you to shift any negative stuck energy and release emotions that no longer serve you, and every time you surrender to the experience you will get exactly what you need.

I've created breathwork club to allow you to explore different styles of music and themes in an easily accessible way.

The sessions are slightly shorter and cheaper, with the idea being that you can just show up and we get right into it! Of course there will be a lovely setup and there will be time for grounding and sharing at the end, we keep ALL the magic and let the "how to" parts go.

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Experienced event leader and Chiropractor Naomi Mills will hold space and support you to create your breathwork journey.

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How does Breathwork Club work?

Once you have attended one of my beginners sessions, you can choose to check here online, or be on an email list when I'll send a planned date, time and theme of the breathwork journey that has inspired me. If you want to come, simply click on the "book now" and reserve your space. 

Themes I am looking to explore in future are:

  • Heart opening 
  • Healing
  • Shamanic journeying 
  • Blissful trance
  • The power of silence
    **some of these will be to music, some a mixture of silence and sound. 

For each event, you can simply book on and then come along with your usual gear: water, yoga matt, eye mask and journal. I'll take care of the rest!

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What to expect at this event

Because Holotrophic breathwork is usually very powerful, either through the sheer bliss which is experienced, or the emotions that are processed, we want to leave you plenty of time to ease in and out of the breathing.

The workshop is created around this format:

• Setting intentions for your breathing
• A 1 hour breathwork session
• Wind down and earthing
• Time for sharing and feedback

This event IS for you if you:

• Are curious about breathwork and the benefits it can bring
• Want to experience the power of the breath in a safe, beautiful and nurturing environment
• Are looking for new ways to create and maintain you own inner peace
• Feel curious to explore something beyond your everyday consciousness

This event IS NOT for you if you:
• Experience high anxiety and don't trust yourself to manage your own process
• Have had a recent and significant trauma (past trauma is usually fine, please reach out if you are unsure)
• Having a fixed idea of what breathwork is and want to do your own style of breathing

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This event is open to men and women over 18 years old WHO HAVE COMPLETED AT LEAST ONE HOLOTROPHIC BREATHWORK JOURNEY WITH ME BEFORE. If you haven't please book onto a 3 hour beginners journey. Even if you have done breathwork in the past, you must have done a journey with me, to come to a breathwork club event.

Places are limited to just 9 people and we ask for 14 days notice to change or cancel when booking. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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