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Breathwork WITH Firewalk Afternoon Retreat

Cost: £100

"When it comes to fighting for your dreams. Be a dragon: breathe fire." Richelle. E. Goodrich

Holotrophic Breathwork meets Spiritual Firewalking Experience

This is a very special event combining the elements of breath and fire to create a uniquely powerful experience. The intention of this event is to enhance inner wisdom and clarity so you can create positive changes in your life.

Holotrophic breathwork is very powerful and can give you great clarity and focus on certain aspects of your life. The firewalking then raises your vibration to help you feel empowered to take the next step to creating the life of your dreams.

The word "holotrophic" means 'moving towards wholeness' and this specific type of breathing is designed to help the breather access states beyond those we usually experience in normal consciousness. Far from being scary, or over-whelming, this breath allows you to alter your intensity at any time so that you remain in complete control of your experience.

This type of breathing which is done in the chest, is designed to help shift any stuck emotion, however this can show up as powerfully positive emotions of laughter, love and bliss as much as releasing any negative ones. The breathwork is completely intuitive, like having a 1-1 conversation with body and mind at the same time. This makes this process more about letting go, rather than becoming overwhelmed. You are in complete control of your experience.

This firewalk is steeped in gratitude and intention, bringing in the spiritual element of being connected to something larger than ourselves. Each participant will be invited to place a log on the fire, first instilling it with a heartfelt intention. We will then prepare for the firewalk with a cleansing ceremony, before gathering to create intention bundles, inspired by First Nation's tradition. You will be given all the information you need to have a wonderful experience and safe passage across this circular fire.

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Many scientists and bodyworkers have come to realise that emotion is stored within the body and there are many ways to release this. Sometimes however, events become emotionally "stuck" in our body and can be expressed as pain, depression or sickness. Breathwork and Firewalking are both experiential tools which can allow unprocessed emotion to be released in a gentle and empowering way. You will be completely in control of your own experience.

Experienced event leader and Chiropractor Naomi Mills will hold space and support you to create your breathwork journey.

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What to expect at this event

The workshop is created around this format:

2pm: arrival: welcome, check-in, intention setting and preparing for the time ahead
3pm-4pm: holotrophic breathwork journey to music designed to inspire and empower
4pm: consolidation of breathwork and grounding
4.30pm: ceremony to bring in intention and gratitude. Clearing energy for the Firewalk
5.30pm: firewalk
6pm: closing ceremony
6.30pm: finish

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This event IS for you if you:

• Want to access your deep inner knowing and intuition to find answers and guidance
• Want to experience the power of breath and fire in a safe, beautiful and nurturing environment
• Are looking for new ways to explore and understand the mind/body connection
• Feel curious to explore something beyond your everyday consciousness

This event IS NOT for you if you:
• Experience high anxiety and don't trust yourself to manage your own process
• Have had a recent and significant trauma (past trauma is usually fine, please reach out if you are unsure)
• Feel unusually anxious about either breathwork or firewalking.

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This event is open to men and women over 18 years old. Places are limited to just 8 people and we ask for 14 days notice to change or cancel when booking. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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